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1.For First-Time Users2.Registration Process3.Services GFC Offers4.Target Users5.Functions of GFC Website6.How to Use Each Service7.Payments


1. For First-Time Users

Global Facility Center provides 3 services; Open Facility, Instrumental Analysis, and Equipment Market. GFC integrated website allows you to use all these services including a registration, request an analysis, register your facility, sell and purchase research equipment, and the payment. To use Open Facility and Instrumental Analysis, you need a user registration. Please refer to the following guide and start using our services.

2. Registration Process

2-1. ID Types

There are 3 types of ID. Please refer to the following figure.
To get your ID, please go to [Service Login > New User]


2-2. User Manager Registration(If your completed this step, please move to the User Registration)

Process for User Manager Registration.

Holders of a faculty number (SSO-ID) in Hokkaido University,

  • You can login with SSO-ID
  • However, if you’re a first-time user, you need go through an initial registration process to add your email address and other few pieces of information.
  • If you’d like to start the registration process now, please click the following tab for ‘User Manager Registration with SSO-ID.’
  • Registration Guide is available

⚠︎SSO-ID will be handled accordance with the operation in Hokkaido University.
The access will be limited within the university campus except otherwise permitted.


Off-Campus Users

  • Please click the tab for the ‘New User Manager Registration.’
  • GFC-ID will be issued and you’ll be authorized to be a User Manager.
  • Registration Guide is available

⚠︎Please be aware that It may take some time to approve your registration.


2-3. User Registration

Process for User Registration

  • ‘User Registration’ is the procedure that user managers do
  • Please login to the GFC website with either user manager/assistant user manager ID.
  • You can login from the following tabs as shown


⚠︎Please be aware that It may take some time to approve your registration.


3. Services GFC Offers


❐Open Facility Service

Target: Within & Outside Campus

Open Facility Service makes the equipment contributed by various researchers available for sharing both on and off campus.

Open Facility Service Website



❐Instrumental Analysis Service

Target: Within & Outside Campus

Instrumental Analysis Service offers 4 main services utilizing the experiences accumulated over the years; Mass Spectrometry, Elemental Analysis, Amino Acid Analysis, and Protein Sequencing)

Instrumental Analysis Service Website



❐Equipment Market Service

Target: Within Campus

Equipment Market Service promotes Reuse & Recycle of the Research equipment owned by Hokkaido University

Equipment Market Website




4. Target Users

  • Faculty members, students, researchers within campus
  • People outside campus who belong to universities, technical colleges, public research institutions, and engage in research and development.
  • Researchers who belong to private companies or facilities and engage in research and development that fits the purpose of our center.

*Equipment Market Service is limited to the faculty members in Hokkaido University as of April, 2018


5. Functions of GFC Website

Previous system was enhanced to ensure users’ convenience and security was strengthened.
The new system has following functions.

  • User Manager registration
  • User registration
  • Reserve equipment/request analysis (Open Facility Service)
  • Request commissioned analyses (Instrumental Analysis Service)
  • Sell & purchase equipment (Equipment Market Service)
  • View & Pay bills (selecting payment source etc.)
  • Contact/Inquiry
  • Submission of academic papers


6. How to Use Each Service

Please download a user guide for each service from the below.
Also, the website for each service provides a user guide.


7. Payments

In this section, payment information for Open Facility Service and Instrumental Analysis Service will be provided.
Depending on weather users are from within or outside campus, payment methods and charges for services are different. Please refer to the following.


7-1. Users within campus

7-1-1. Open Facility

Please pay by transferring cost
Transfer of the cost will be conducted every 3 months (*1 reference)

*1 Transferring Cost Schedule

Period of Use Period of Transfer Cost Memo
First Feb-Jun. Middle of Aug. Depending on the deadline of the settlement, the period of use could be modified to between Mar. to Jun.
Second Jul.-Sep. Middle of Nov.
Third Oct.-Dec. Middle of Feb.
Forth Jan. Middle of Mar. Depending on the deadline of the settlement, the period of use could be modified to Jan. to Feb.

*2Available Payment Source

First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
General Management Fund
Research Related Fund
Consulting Fund
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research

*Name of the fund is not official

7-1-2. Instrumental Analysis (Please click here for more information)

Payment Schedule


Payment Sources

 Period Subject to Payment Budget transfer period General Management Fund/Donation External funds
Apr.-Jun. Mid of Aug. Available Available
Jul.-Sep. Mid of Nov. Available Available
Oct.-Dec. Mid of Feb. Available Available
Jan. End of Feb. Available Available
Feb. End of Mar. Available Available
Mar. Mid of Aug. in next fiscal year Available *deducted from next fiscal year’s fund Not available *Except the ones that can be carried forward
  • Depending on the month analysis is complete, The payment is every month or every 3 months
  • Charges will be finalized within few days after each analysis is complete
  • After the charges are finalized by our accounting personnel, a confirmation email will be sent to user managers and assistant user managers. Please confirm from the ‘Confirm Payments’ page on ‘Mypage’ (Need to login)
  • Also, The usage fees will be finalized within dew days after the analysis. You can check the finalized fees online. You confirm the payments then too.
  • Payments for analyses that will be completed after Oct. will be the end of the fiscal year. Please check the administrative deadline for your desired payment source
  • For Mar., because of administrative process, only general management fund or donation is available for use. Also, payment will be next fiscal year between Apr.-Jun. (Please contact each department directly for available payment source)
  • If you have any inquires on payments, please contact the below.
    Research Support Div., Accounting Dep.
    Phone (Ext.):9570


7-2. Users Outside Campus

7-2-1. Open Facility

Invoice will be issued, please transfer the total amount to the specified bank account by the specified date. (*3 reference)

*3 Payment Schedule (Rough Estimate)

Period of Use Invoice Issue Period
First Apr.-Jun. Around the middle of Aug.
Second Jul.-Sep. Around the middle of Nov.
Third Oct.-Dec. Around the middle of Feb.
Forth Jan.-Mar. Around the middle of Apr.


7-2-1. Instrumental Analysis

Payment schedule

  • Payments will be charged every month.
  • Your account will be closed at the end of the month and invoices will be issued on the 15th of the next month. Please be aware that the invoices will be issued based on your analysis completion date
  • The analysis completion date is the date you receive your analysis completion email. (We’ll ship your results/samples after the email was sent. The shipping date and the completion date could be on a different date.)
  • Beginning of the next month after the analysis completion, the email regarding the fees and confirmation of the billing address will be sent. Once you receive the email, please confirm the charges on your ‘Mypage’.
  • Also, the charges will be updated after each analysis, you can check them on your page (you can confirm the charge after each analysis).
  • To pay, please transfer the charges to the university with the invoice at the bank.

*Shipping fee will be charged to each user (less than 100yen will be rounded up). Please be aware that the cost varies depending on the weight. Please specify a shipping method when you apply.

  • If you have any inquires on payments, please contact below.
    Research Support Div., Accounting Dep.
    Phone: 011-706-9570 (Mon.-Fri. 8:30AM-5:00PM)